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Community Participation:

PhysioFit is dedicated to developing and maintaining a friendly online community, where  our members feel relaxed and comfortable. When members join our forums, they agree to comply with the membership rules. Repeated violations of these rules may result in a member being barred from entry or participation in the community forums.


  1. Respect others' opinions - We all have opinions and want to express them. Attack ideas, not people. Come up with a well-thought out counterpoint, or just move on. Abusive comments will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to remove the comment without warning and/or ban you.

  2. Don't promote or sell your goods. No SPAMing of any kind will be tolerated.

  3. Be kind to new users 

  4. No profanity, racial slurs and/or sexual innuendos - If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother or kids, then don't say it.

  5. Keep it on topic

  6. No Piracy or unlawful activities - This community forum is a place for ideas and constructive participation, and not a place to violate any laws or to discuss illegal activities. You post it, we will ban your account and you run the risk of being reported to the local authorities.

Other general rules of conduct

You shall not post on these forums any Content which

  • is libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing or threatening,

  • contains viruses or other contaminating or destructive features,

  • violates the rights of others, such as Content which infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or violates any right of privacy or publicity, or

  • otherwise violates any applicable law. 

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