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Caprese Salad

PhysioFit Outputs

PhysioFit Game

The project will produce a Minecraft like educational mobile game to teach users about nutrition, healthy food, obesity, its consequences and healthy choices. The PhysioFit game players will need to select certain amount of food items before each mission, and will be able to choose from healthy and junk foods.  Outputs The game play will be based on a scavenger hunt with challenging tasks, obstacles and collectables. Tips will also be given to ensure users get full benefits of the game and fully understand the food groups, nutrition and the consequences of junk - unhealthy - food, and the glycemic index, in order to get their characters through the mission. 



Project Website

The website has a community forum page in order to encourage discussion among teachers, students and other stakeholders regarding the project topics. The forum will also improve communication and increase collaboration in order to keep our stakeholders engaged and to bring new ideas to fruition.


IO3 & 4 will be available on the website.  

Nutrients and Vitamins Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for teachers include the importance of selecting foods which provide the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients, highlighting fun games and activities students can participate in which enhance both emotional and physical development. These lesson plans will be developed throughout the project, based on the activities students will participate in.


The lesson plans will serve as tools for teachers on how to introduce healthy-eating messages into English, maths, PE and science lessons. For example, students can become food detectives to find out how much sugar is in their food and drink they consume on a daily basis and they can use their maths skills to find healthier swaps and simple science experiments will help them understand the effects of sugar consumption on their teeth, and measure calories in food, how food is burnt in the body.

Fun and Healthy Recipes Digital Book

The digital booklet will be developed for parents and teachers and will include meal plans, and fun and healthy recipes that children can prepare for their families or at school, if such facilities are available at school. This booklet will encourage children to consider what they eat, and how it affects their bodies. We wish to provide the inspiration and information to teachers, parents and children in order to make healthy eating a way of life. We will include 5 balanced nutritional recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks and desserts, 25 recipes in total.



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